Why Recycle?

It takes less energy to recover commodities from waste than to generate virgin materials and this has a positive impact on the world’s carbon footprint.

The recycling Journey

In Europe, landfill tax was introduced to better reflect the true cost of landfilling and to encourage the responsible use of virgin materials.

By recycling or sorting waste at the source in each household, it makes a contribution to the sustainability cycle.

This waste is then diverted from landfill and the reusable commodities are sorted as raw materials for repurposing or recycling. Landfill tax is then only charged on those elements of waste that cannot be re-used. This cost encourages entrepreneurs to find better ways to recycle waste produced.

In Summary

Recycling saves energy and natural resources by reducing the need to extract and process virgin raw materials.

By reducing the extraction of raw materials, the earth’s natural resources and natural habitats are being preserved.

By sorting waste and recovering products we are preparing the raw materials for a vibrant and sustainable recycling industry and circular economy.

Why do our customers choose Kiverco?

At Kiverco, we are actively looking to improve not just the amount of recycling but the quality of recycling. We are world-class in Northern Ireland, and it gives us a lot of pride that we’re active, impacting positively on four continents right now.

KIVERCO’s plant lasts longer than the rest and has more uptime and higher levels of purity, so it’s great to be a serious player as part of the recycling solution.

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