Why Aftercare Is So Important To Kiverco Customers (And To Kiverco).

Investing in Kiverco is a big ticket decision. And even though Kiverco Projects illustrates positive impact, we understand that prospective customers crave as much surety as possible, before they commit.

Well, maybe this’ll help.

The Importance of Kiverco Aftercare. To Prospective Customers and to Kiverco Itself.

Kiverco is a brand that makes big promises. More Uptime. Higher Sustained Purity. And a Longer Useful Life for the Recycling Plant we create.

And all of this is wrapped up within our most ambitious promise of all. The creation of The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant.

But how exactly do we know how well we’re doing against these goals? Well, that’s where Kiverco’s Aftercare team comes in.

Promises. Promises.

Kiverco’s Aftercare team helps Kiverco customers to optimise uptime, sustained purity and how long a plant lasts. They offer advice and support, both proactively and reactively. And the relationship our Aftercare team has with customers is the best way we have of tracking how well we’re delivering on our promises. It’s a brilliant win:win. And in 2023 it’s going to get even better.

Kiverco’s NEW Marketing Analyst – 2023.

In 2023, Kiverco will – for the very first time – be adding a Marketing Analyst to the Marketing Team. Their job will be solely to track customer plant performance versus Global Industry Norms and what we know of competitor performance.

We’ll let you know when they’re in post. And we’ll be reporting on our findings at this website later in 2023 too. Sign up to our newsletter – Talking Tough – at the bottom of this page to find out first.

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