The Kiverco Sixteen – Pause for Thought.

The Kiverco Sixteen

Kiverco’s (almost) 40 year history has been intense! Heads down hard work. We’ve come a long way.

Just recently, in the middle of 2022, we took stock of our plant range. Every single category. There are sixteen.

Sixteen Categories of Plant. Endless Individual Solutions.

  1. Feeders (belt, pan, dosing and bale breaker)
  2. Shredders (primary and secondary)
  3. Bag openers
  4. Dewirers
  5. Conveyors (transfer and picking)
  6. Trommels
  7. Screens (waste, flip-flow and combination)
  8. Ballistic Separators
  9. Magnets (permanent and electro)
  10. Eddy Current Separators
  11. Density Separators
  12. Optical Sorters
  13. Robotic Sorters
  14. Picking Stations and Manual Quality Control
  15. Balers and Wrappers
  16. Electrical Control Systems (control rooms, cctv, condition monitoring, weigh scales)

Analysis and Simplification.

As we’d paused for thought, we also decided to focus down on each and every plant category in detail. We wanted to describe them in simpler ways. More consistent ways. So that even those new to Recycling could unpick, better understand and better appreciate some of the thinking behind Kiverco’s ability to create tough, cost-effective and common sense solutions around the world.

Sometimes, just taking the time to ask back-to-basics questions (What’s a feeder? Who buys it? What’s it like to run?) can be really useful.

Pretty soon, we will be introducing super-clear, easily digestible, single-page, printable plant category datasheets. We’ll let you know when. Or sign up to TALKING TOUGH at the bottom of this page to find out first.

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