Sustainability. Daily Opportunities for All of Us.

Sustainability. A daily opportunity.

Printing is important. Particularly when it comes to high ticket purchases that you’re going to be benefiting from for numerous decades. Having the time to calmly leaf through a beautifully produced printed brochure, learning the culture and the passion and the reason the brand exists, making notes and absorbing the wonderful simplicity and preeminence of what’s on offer should is key. It should be pleasant and informative. Facilitating the right, fully informed business decision. But as a general rule, businesses working towards this just print too damn much. The volume is far too high.

This is at least in part down to the seduction of the economies of scale. But what’s the point of saving a few pence per-unit at the beginning when, in a fast evolving business, (and believe us, Kiverco is fast evolving), boxes and boxes of print get thrown away further down the line when a phone number or a product range or a team member changes.

IFAT – A Sustainability Opportunity for us All.

At IFAT 2022, Kiverco will be chatting to people that may speak – we think – up to 12 different languages.

Our new brand brochure will be designed by our in-house Design and Marketing team, professionally translated 11 times, and print runs will be tiny. 250 for the English version and a print run of just 25 for all of the other languages. Except two or three. They may jump to 50.

And every single thing we design will live digitally at our online library. The online version will be ink-light and not full bleed. This controls how Kiverco’s ‘World’s Toughest’ credentials messaging are communicated. But also manages how much of our potential customer’s consumables are used too.

How good is that?

We’re using eco-friendly stock and inks too. We’ll report back on that once we’ve decided.

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