Engineers… Why Are You Here?

Engineers... Why Are You Here?

Now there’s a question! And here’s a quote:

“Humans have always sought to change their environment – building houses, monuments, temples, and roads. In the process, they have remade the fabric of the world into newly functional objects that are also works of art to be admired.”

That quote is from the second edition of Samuel Florman’s popular Existential Pleasures of Engineering. 

Samuel explores how engineers think and feel about their profession in this book. And because I’m mentioning it to you today, it also means I’ve been able to show off and use the word ‘existential’ in a Kiverco news story!

Happy days. 

Here at Kiverco we know how we think and feel about engineering… we love making our plant Tough!

Here’s how to get a copy of Samuel Florman’s thought provoking book about Engineering for yourself.

Why not purchase a copy and find out more, click here to buy.

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