What is Kiverco’s TOUGH LOVE All About?

What is Kiverco's Tough Love all about?

The Kiverco team is bonded by a single goal. The creation of the World’s Toughest Recycling Plant.

So ‘toughness’ is a part of who we are, what we do – and what we talk about.


In our kitchen and around the factory, we started to notice that conversations amongst Kiverco team members would very often explore other ‘tough’ brands. Brands that Kiverco team members – engineers, the office team and managers alike – loved or respected because they’re tough too!

So, we simply thought we’d capture these conversations, and Kiverco’s Tough Love was born.

An Annual Thing.

Each year, from 2022, Kiverco’s Marketing Team will ask our expanding wider team to identify the brands they love and respect most – for toughness.

5 votes per team member. Around 100 team members. 1 league. And 1 winner.

Do you agree with the 2022 results?

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