Toughness! The Catalyst for Sustainability.


In honesty, Kiverco’s unmatched Sustainability credentials are probably part-accident.

Kiverco plant is, we believe, the Most Sustainable Recycling Plant in the World. This means it does the least harm whilst getting on with doing what it does best. And that is staying ahead of everybody else in the recycling plant category by recovering much more waste, much more purley, for much longer.

But sustainability was not the only focus in 1993 when all of this started. Toughness was. And as it turns out – almost 40 years later – toughness is the most significant catalyst of all for superb sustainability credentials.

The Connection Between Toughness and Sustainability.

More Uptime means less costly repair recycles. So with Kiverco it’s far fewer repair vehicles buzzing about unnecessarily, and far fewer sub-standard or mis-prescribed components ending up in the bin.

Higher Sustained Purity is simply about Kiverco’s performance. With Kiverco you recycle more waste, more purely, for longer.

Longer Useful Life means Kiverco decommission fewer plant simply because tougher plant lasts longer. And if plant lasts longer, that means the heavy investment in passion, time and money at the beginning – by you and us – delivers environmentally positive effect way beyond our contemporaries.

So there you have it. By choosing Kiverco, you not only own The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant. You own The World’s Most Sustainable Recycling Plant too!

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