Tough Love – Spotlight on Toyota.

Who Is Toyota

Toyota is one of the largest automotive companies in the world and its brand is associated with durability, reliability and most importantly toughness.

Why Is Toyota Seen As A Tough Brand?

One of the reasons for this is due to the companies Total Quality Management. TQM means that the company monitors every step of the production process to ensure high quality manufacturing standards are upheld.

New Product Development.

Toyota is always investing in new product development and has been praised for enhancements to their production and their investment in fuel efficient hybrid electric vehicles.

In August 2022 they pledged $5.6 billion towards electric vehicle battery production.

Toyota truly is a market leader and has retained it’s position as the world’s best selling automaker for a third year in a row.

In the 2022 Tough Love Survey, Toyota was chosen as the second most popular brand by Kiverco employees for it’s toughness.

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