This Week At Kiverco: May 22nd 2023.

Aidan McKiver's book

Here we go. Week 2 of our ‘This Week at Kiverco” storytelling.


On Monday, we couldn’t park. Because one of the projects in production right now, is twice as big as any project we’ve ever won in over 30 years! And it was taking over the place. Leaking out into one of the carparks.

Now; where did I leave my car again?!

A Hard Watch.

Tuesday’s Panorama was interesting. But more than just a little emotional too.

“Every year, millions of tonnes of waste are dumped in landfill sites, but how safe are they? Reporter Amber Haque investigates a Staffordshire landfill which residents claim has affected their health and examines the potentially toxic legacy of historic landfill sites.”


In June 2023, Kiverco’s ASK KIVERCO Monthly ongoing feature starts. In Skip & Waste Magazine.

Here’s how the page is described:
“Each issue, Kiverco’s team answers questions about world class engineering and how, by thinking big, we all make big things happen.”

Boring, Boring Kiverco.

“Kiverco. They’re soooooo flipping predictable.”
Yep. Guilty as charged.

More Uptime.
Higher Sustained Purity.
Longer Useful Life.

That’s all we ever talk about!
(It’s all our adverts ever say, too).

Aidan’s Book.

Rumour has it that Aidan McKiver wrote a book…

Aidan McKiver may very well be the main man at Kiverco. But Aidan’s not your stereotypical front man. Aidan is rarely photographed. Rarely vocal about his business. Rarely in the limelight.

Kiverco’s Aidan McKiver is far too busy with his head down. Leading the team that builds The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant, to be doing anything like writing a book.

Isn’t he?!

See you next week.

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