There’s A Difference Between A Business And A Brand.

Every month, the ‘Ask Kiverco’ feature appears in Skip and Waste Magazine on page 9.

The feature addresses Kiverco’s approach to tackling challenges and making a positive impact in the waste management and recycling industry.

In the third issue, we hear from Kiverco’s Marketing team as they answer questions on the importance of the Kiverco brand.

In this article, the team addresses the ‘Difference Between A Business And A Brand’.

Which is Kiverco? Business or brand?

Kiverco is both. Here’s why.

Kiverco the business.
Of course, Kiverco is in the business of designing and making Recycling Plant. The brand part comes from what we believe in and what we were born to do. What we are ‘for’. And that’s nothing to do with (just) the core activity of designing and making Recycling Plant.

Kiverco the brand.
What Kiverco believes in is very specific. Kiverco believes in a world that recycles much more, much more purely, and for much longer. It’s as simple as that. That is, and always was, Kiverco’s starting point.

As a consequence of that belief, what we were born to do – in 1993 – is to make the toughest recycling plant we can, not the most recycling plant we can.

And so it follows that what the Kiverco brand is actually for, as grand as it sounds, is to change the entire world of recycling. Because if everybody bought Kiverco, the whole world of recycling would experience More Uptime, Higher Sustained Purity and a Longer Useful Plant Life.

That is what 100 people come to work in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, to work towards each day. To make The World’s Toughest. That’s our brand purpose. And that’s why Kiverco is both a business and a brand.

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