The Importance Of Regular Maintenance.

The life of a plant is often in the hands of our customers, but don’t forget at Kiverco we’re here to support you.

We understand that our customers are busy trying to keep up with the demands placed on the industry and so often it’s difficult to shut the plant down for regular maintenance.

Proper maintenance ensures the efficient and effective operation of the recycling facility which helps to maximise recycling rates, reduces downtime, and minimises environmental impact.

How can regular maintenance help ensure a longer plant life?

Operational Efficiency – Regular maintenance of equipment, machinery, and systems within the recycling plant ensures they are running at their optimal performance levels. This efficiency provides increased processing capability, reducing processing time and lowering operational costs.

Equipment Longevity – Maintenance helps extend the lifespan of equipment. Regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs can prevent premature wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent replacements and associated costs.

Quality of Recycled Materials – Maintaining the recycling plant ensures that the sorting and processing of recycled materials are done accurately and efficiently. This results in higher-quality end products, contributing to a higher recycling market.

Reduction of Contamination – Good maintenance can reduce the chances of contamination. Contamination can lower the value of recycled materials.

Resource Conservation – Operators can minimise resource wastage and energy consumption. An efficiently running plant reduces the need for excessive energy contributing to overall sustainability.

Environmental Benefits – maintenance can increase the efficiency of resource recovery, further lessening the environmental impact of waste disposal.

Cost Effectiveness – Regular maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns and major repairs, ensuring a smooth and continuous recycling process.

How can Kiverco help?

Strike the right balance between regular maintenance and efficient plant operations, as this will not only decrease the frequency of parts replacement but also lead to substantial savings and minimal downtime.

At Kiverco, we offer preventative audits to enhance your plant’s performance.

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