Recycle today for a better tomorrow.

At Kiverco, we’ve been producing the World’s Toughest Recycling solutions for 30 years because we believe in making the world more sustainable and helping to protect it for future generations.

How can you help make the world more sustainable?

This Recycle Week, it would be great if everyone could take time to think about their recycling habits and their approach to how they use consumables.

Many everyday items can be recycled, but the value of the recyclates depends on the everyday habits of consumers. We ask you to take the time to ensure that you do not contaminate recyclable waste and advise you not to disregard dangerous items, such as batteries in your recycling bins, as these often cause fires at recycling plants.

How can recycling protect the planet?

Recycling helps conserve natural resources such as trees and limits the use of virgin quarry materials, which is expensive and dangerous to extract. By recycling glass, you can limit sand dredging in our world’s oceans and protect the habitats of marine life and by recycling paper, you can help save the forests of our world. Reducing the demand for raw materials saves not only the world’s natural resources but the communities and animals that are often displaced to meet the demand for these materials.

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