One of the Heard. (Not One of the Herd!)

Right now, Kiverco’s Human Resources Manager Caitriona Dynes is making plans and taking steps to make sure every Kiverco team member’s voice is heard. 

Installers. Welders. Engineers. Designers. Sales and Marketing. Senior Managers. Business Founders. Everybody.

The Kiverco Engagement Focus Group

The Kiverco Engagement Focus Group is a brand-new idea. Informally, Kiverco team leaders have always chatted to and listened to the people they support and guide. But this updated idea from Caitriona formalises things. 

Caitriona describes the move like this: 

“Kiverco’s new Engagement Focus Group met for the first time this month. The group let me, as HR Lead, know what was on their mind. And the minds of their colleagues. We chatted about culture. And the balance of what we do here at Kiverco, with why we do it. Our intention is to meet monthly to maintain momentum and real change.

Caitriona expands: 

“Kiverco is World Class Engineering in Northern Ireland. That’s what we do. But the entire team is driven by the change we want to make too. The creation of The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant really does take our whole category – on a worldwide stage – forward. That’s a pressure I wanted the team to explore with me. To make sure they feel supported. I want to do as much as I can to make them feel supported.”


Kiverco intends to spend money, time, and effort into building, training and motivating our valued workforce to improve employee satisfaction which we hope will positively impact on increased productivity and overall customer satisfaction.

Why is this new initiative important?

Over the company’s 30 years, the Kiverco team has grown considerably and we are now on a steep growth path as our headcount increases. 

Kiverco was always a great place to work but it’s now got even better. By offering our team a platform to voice their opinions and ideas we are giving our workforce the power to offer new procedures, perspectives, and ideas that may make the Toughest Recycling Plant in the World even tougher.

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