No Parking.

Kiverco No Parking

At the end of 2022, Kiverco won a project.

Kiverco has won projects for 30 years. So nothing new there, then.

However, the project we won at the end of 2022 – was different.

The Biggest.

Kiverco has been capable of creating ‘The World’s Toughest’ large scale, bespoke recycling plant solutions for years. But none has ever been as big as the project we won at the end of 2022. In fact, the end-of-2022 win was for a project almost twice the size of any other we’d done.

No Parking.

It’s such an amazing opportunity. So challenging. So cleverly designed. So tough. And so… big!

This amazing project is not quite taking over all of our factory (‘good job our factory doubled in size this year!) – but it does from time to time leak out into one of the car parks.

Now; where did I leave my car again?!

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