Mobile Kiverco Plant Installed in Hungary

Last week, a new Kiverco mobile plant was commissioned for Multiszint Kft in Budapest, Hungary. This plant was sold by our partner CTE Solution.

Designed to handle mixed Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste, the plant features an FT620 Heavy Duty Trommel, a DS150 for mid-size stone cleaning, and a PS122 sorting cabin for manual separation of desired waste commodities.

The FT620c feeder trommel is perfect for separating materials by particle size. The compact trommel combines fast, simple, and safe on-site setup capability with the already proven design and build quality
of Kiverco’s successful static plants. This results in a long lifespan, high performance optimal recovery output.

The DS150 is a highly effective and tough air-density separator unit ideally suited to C&D applications. The design offers optimal levels of separation of heavy and light materials, resulting in a much higher level of
purity of output.

Finally, our PS122 is a robust 2-bay Picking Station, enabling up to 8 people to sort waste safely and efficiently. It has been designed to include jack legs and a generator is incorporated, allowing for quick and efficient integration to an existing plant.

This is the toughest plant for the toughest jobs worldwide!

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