New Ask Kiverco Feature.

What are we planning?

In June 2023, Kiverco’s ASK KIVERCO Monthly ongoing feature starts.

In Skip & Waste Magazine.

What will this look like? 

Here’s how the page is described:

“Each issue, Kiverco’s team answers questions about world-class engineering and how, by thinking big, we all make big things happen.

Ask Kiverco is insightful.

Lessons learned.

Challenges overcome.

Storytelling the ups-and-downs of a business going ‘From Garage to Global’ over 30 years.”

Anne McKiver, Kiverco Director, answers two people-focused questions, first.

When will the first issue be released? 

The magazine is out in early June.

And ASK KIVERCO is on page 9… every single issue.

See you there.

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