Men’s Health Month.

Mens health

Prostate Cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men in the UK and so each November many Men take the time to grow a moustache as part of the Movember movement to raise awareness and funds to help prevent this terrible disease.

This year, as part of Kiverco’s wellbeing programme, each male employee received a pack on International Men’s Day complete with some treats and important medical information on the importance of making regular checks on the prostate.

Nearly all men who live to be 80 or older will have an enlarged prostate at some time but sometimes younger men notice changes to their bodies that can be more serious and so it is important to detect changes early and seek medical advice.

Kiverco hopes that by raising awareness around this subject they will promote more open discussion on the topic and this may help to save the life of an employee, a family member, or a friend.

Our team receive some nice gifts for International Men’s Day.

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