Meet Padraic Donnelly, Aftersales Team.

Padraic has been part of the Kiverco Team for 10 years and is currently working in the Aftersales department.

Why did Padraic join Kiverco?

“Growing up as a lad I always had an interest in how machinery was built and how plants were installed. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join this great company 10 years ago as a fitter. I had heard really positive feedback about the Kiverco team and their products and was excited about the potential opportunities for career growth and development. Most importantly, I was excited about being part of a team that would make a real difference to sustainability around the world.”

How has Padraic’s career developed over the last 10 years?

“I joined the company as a fitter and was offered excellent practical training and support on the shop floor. Over time, I built up my experience and was offered the opportunity to further develop my skills by joining the installation team. I worked alongside a skilled and experienced team and after a few years, I progressed to leading installations.
Our plants are built Tough, and I am exceptionally proud of the fact that I have had the opportunity to build plants from start to finish and that these plants are making a real difference to recycling all over the world.
For me it has been a wonderful experience overall, I have travelled to various countries and meet many new people. My dream as a youngster really did come true.

Today I use all of my knowledge from building and installing machinery to offer our customers aftersales support. It’s a very busy department that involves a lot of problem-solving, sales and customer service to ensure customers feel at ease during installations, commissioning and for many years after. My well-rounded experience has equipped me to better deal with queries from customers. I work with a great team and enjoy what I do, it’s a very sociable working environment and I’m very happy at work.”

Would you recommend Kiverco as an employer of choice?

“You will always have the chance to grow and gather experience within Kiverco. If you are starting your career off or looking for more experience team Kiverco is the place for you.”

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