Meet Caitriona.

Caitriona Dynes Kiverco

Catriona heads up HR at Kiverco. Niamh Anne, Marketing Manager at Kiverco, took 10 minutes out so that she, and we, can get to know Caitriona a little better.

  1. At time of writing, how long have you been with Kiverco, Caitriona? And how are you finding it?
    I joined Kiverco just over four months ago, tasked with building and leading Kiverco’s new HR department. It has been an exciting new challenge for me and a fantastic opportunity to join a progressive, ambitious company. The support I have received to date has been instrumental in allowing me to develop the department and plan exciting initiatives to encourage and grow the workforce.
  2. Kiverco really sets its stall out as a brand. We make ‘The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant’. How do you, as Head of HR, recruit world class people to deliver on a world class promise?
    People are the bedrock of our success. Recruiting and retaining the right people is a crucial part in the growth of our business. We need to maintain our standards and to do this we need the best people. To enable this, we offer the most competitive packages that reflect the commitment and success of our people, together with having a strong focus on employee well-being and engagement.
  3. How are you proposing to get the word out in 2023 that Kiverco is such a great place to work? Anything specific?
    I anticipate introducing further beneficial initiatives in 2023 to motivate and also develop our workforce as the company continues to grow. Increasing our training, learning & development will not only benefit the company but keep our employees motivated and open up opportunities for career progression. I expect our exemplary reputation will draw exciting new talent.
  4. How do you look after the kiverco people we have now – as people? What I mean is, it seems to me that HR is not just about upskilling and health and safety etc. There’s a ‘whole of person’ approach. Do you agree? And what do you do to look after the team as a collective, and as individuals?
    Yes definitely, a holistic approach is key. An important part of my role is looking after the well-being of our colleagues and engaging to ensure inter-departmental connections within our company are strong. I have been able to participate in some excellent developmental programmes in the past and I have a strong focus on health and wellbeing, together with facilitating learning and development opportunities to allow employees to expand their knowledge and progress within their teams and Kiverco.
  5. Can you tell us how Kiverco’s Engagement Focus Group is going please?
    This new initiative was introduced in September 2022 and has already been very well received. Each area of the business is represented ensuring everyone has a voice. By giving everyone a platform to voice their opinions we have already implemented change on the back of some valuable suggestions. I can already see the positive impact and an increase in employee satisfaction. Keeping up the momentum with these monthly meetings going forward will ensure continued support for our colleagues.
  6. What might the ‘HR Highlights’ be for Kiverco in 2023?
    Engagement to maintain the strong bonds already present within our company. And the expansion of our workforce. As Kiverco continues to steadily grow I will be tasked with sourcing the very best talent to join our teams. So affording more time, money and effort into building, training and motivating our valued workforce as Kiverco launches into an exciting year ahead!

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