Major upgrades completed at Gray’s Recycling Services.

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with you! Kiverco has just wrapped up a major upgrade at Gray’s Recycling Services in the heart of Scotland.

It’s not just a partnership; it’s a testament to growth! We are excited to announce that this marks the third chapter in our collaboration with Gray’s Recycling. Since the our partnership began, we have witnessed their business soar to new heights, and it fills us with pride to have been part of their success story.

Last year, Kiverco’s technical experts worked in close collaboration with the Gray team to discover fresh methods for maximising the capabilities of their current facility and this month we completed the installation.

By restructuring the old plant and upscaling by incorporating new technology, Gray’s facility has transformed, doubling its capacity/tonnage and capability to tackle today’s new waste processing challenges.

Kiverco recycling plants are built with backbone: not only have we ensured a long-term investment for our customers, but we have also fulfilled our commitment to sustainability by designing and manufacturing a recycling plant that’s built to last. This is an example of the world’s toughest recycling plant in action.

This transformation will help maintain the facility’s peak performance for years to come.

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