Maintaining Your Density Separator.

What is a Density Separator?

A density separator is equipment used to separate materials based on their density differences. This separation process is particularly useful when dealing with mixtures of materials of varying degrees of density which need to be efficiently sorted, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, and improving recycling rates.

Why is maintenance important?

In order to ensure a density separator is running as efficiently as possible it must be well maintained to prevent blockages and residual build up which can impact upon purity levels.

With daily maintenance, you will get the accurate airflow circulating inside the chamber to ensure the correct flow of air to separate the different materials.

Maintenance Tips.

It is important to remove residual materials and empty any remaining materials from the separator’s collection bins, chutes, hoppers, and the top chamber area (access through side doors.)

Utilise sufficient tools to assist in removing stubborn residue effectively.

Regular vacuuming to remove dust around the blower motors, debris, and particles from the separator is also essential to reduce residue build-up.

Lubricate moving parts if needed to prevent friction and prolong the lifespan of the machine. (Set grease pots correctly to maintain bearing condition.)

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