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A group of managers from Kiverco visited Seating Matters last week to learn more about how Lean Made Simple has transformed their company.

But what is Lean Made Simple? 

Although many of us have heard of the term Lean Manufacturing, lean is not limited to manufacturing, lean is a mindset!  

It is the method used by companies to reduce non-value-added activities from processes. 

Lean methods can help streamline workflow and ensure information is visible and accessible so a business can make better decisions, increase collaboration and create more profit. 

Companies like Seating Matters, who have successfully implemented lean within their company, have done so by implementing change and maintaining a culture of lean. 

Kiverco General Manager, Paul Carolan was among those who took part in the visit, he explained 

Ryan Tierney, Director at Seating Matters and his team are quite literally an inspiration. Many thanks to Alison Roddy, Operations Manager for the hospitality and insights. I would highly recommend a visit. Every single person we talked to, and we talked to a lot of them, was brimming with positivity and a “how do I make my job easier” attitude. Brilliant!”

Stay tuned to find out more about how Kiverco intends to adopt the lean mindset going forward. 

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