Laydown Price versus Lifetime Cost.

Laydown price vs lifetime cost

You’ll have heard the conversations before. Conversations about cost. This short story is Kiverco’s take on this interesting subject.

Most v Best.

Kiverco is not chasing volume. We’re not trying to make the most Recycling Plant we can. At Kiverco, we are making the best Recycling Plant we can. Slow steady global growth, over almost 40 years, has been the result.

Nowadays, around 100 Kiverco people, with the collective vision of creating The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant, work as one. But what about the cost of Kiverco plant? Why do we cost slightly above average?

The main reason is simple. Our plant isn’t average. So our prices aren’t either.

Kiverco Costs You Less Than Cheaper Alternatives.

But the best way to rationalise a slightly higher investment for Kiverco versus some of (not all) the competition, is to consider the relationship between the laydown price of the plant versus the lifetime cost of the plant.

Kiverco plant has More Uptime. So you have much less money wasted by plant sat doing nothing.
Kiverco plant delivers Higher Sustained Purity, This is a double benefit. Purer… for longer. So that’s more and higher income for longer.
Kiverco plant has a Longer Useful Life. This not only means it delivers what it promises for longer, but it retains its value for longer and can be recommissioned/reapplied with greater confidence and more times, too.

It’s for these three crystal-clear reasons that KIverco costs you less than cheaper alternatives.

Slightly more money. For a darn site more recycling.

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