Landfill: Britain’s Toxic Secrets.

Last night’s Panorama was a hard watch.

Here’s an overview:

“Every year, millions of tonnes of waste are dumped in landfill sites, but how safe are they? Reporter Amber Haque investigates a Staffordshire landfill which residents claim has affected their health and examines the potentially toxic legacy of historic landfill sites.”

Panorama mentioned…

…Landfill. Coastal landfill. Coastal erosion. Exposed waste. Asbestos. Cancer links. Cavity wax. Gypsum. Oil based paint. Fossil fuels. Heavy metals. Lead. Wildlife. Fertility rates. Contaminants. Responsibility…

… and more.

Why are Programmes like this important? 

Programmes like this are a reminder of the responsibility on all of us to think about how the waste we create is disposed of.

And the consequences of sub-standard approaches to disposal, recycling and related activities.

If you’d like to take a peep, click here.

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