Kiverco Takes On The Challenge of Supporting Weybridge Skip Hire, (Surrey, England).

A Kiverco KS514 Waste Recycling Plant is the biggest and most powerful solution of all in The Kiverco Range.

The Kiverco Range is a broadly focused and carefully conceived headline selection of six of Kiverco’s most popular Recycling Plant solutions. The range exists because of each piece’s unbeatable approach towards solving some of the global Recycling Industry’s most common and important problems.

Kiverco Takes On The Challenge of Supporting Weybridge Skip Hire, Surrey, England.

Weybridge Skip Hire is based in Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey. Weybridge is 20 miles southwest of London.

When Weybridge approached Kiverco, their precise and immediate need was to separate, ready for recycling, large and steady volumes of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste.

We recommended Weybridge take a closer look at Kiverco Range. And soon after, the highly effective – and cost effective – KS514 was in place and commissioned.

Kiverco’s KS514 – A Closer Look.

Kiverco’s KS514 includes a large, 6-bay picking station that enables the Weybridge team to pick large volumes of materials, really quickly, for the purposes of recycling.

The solution also includes two blowers, which use advanced, accurate and super-reliable air separation technologies to sort materials by density.

A Flexible Solution.

The KS514 is really flexible, too.

Because it is modular, additional sections can be added over time. So as Weybridge grow, the KS514 plant grows too.

Here’s a little something from Weybridge:

Kristian Ruse, Managing Director stated “We looked at quite a few waste processing solutions before placing an order with Kiverco.

Kiverco clearly has a fantastic track record with C&D (Construction and Demolition) waste recovery. So we were confident they could deliver a solution that would optimise our fines clean up.

The KS514 solution is exciting!

It’s a solution that doesn’t compromise purity levels. It has a speedy installation time. And the flexibility is great. As we grow – it grows.”

Kiverco’s Sales Manager, JP Devlin stated

“It was flattering for Kiverco and me personally that Kristian and his team at Weybridge chose Kiverco to deliver their new waste management solution.

Like Weybridge Skip Hire, Kiverco is family owned. So we share the values of going the extra mile to keep customers happy.

With Kiverco every machine is built to deliver More Uptime, Higher Sustained Purity and a Longer Useful Life.

And because we always keep our promises around toughness, it means we’re giving Kristian and Weybridge the peace of mind that they can always deliver on theirs.”

Kiverco’s KS514 solution went live for Weybridge in May 2022.

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