Kiverco Project Focus: Starting Soon.

Kiverco Project Focus: Starting Soon.

Our Engineering team is currently completing a new project that will hit Kiverco’s factory floor in July 2023.

It’s for a Surrey-based Waste Management Company. The new bespoke design was carefully designed with our customer’s needs in mind.

At Kiverco we pride ourselves on building good relationships with our customers to ensure we retain their valued business.

This particular customer is a returning customer that Kiverco has had a relationship with for over 15 years.

The customer had outgrown their facility due to continued growth and returned to Kiverco once again to provide them with a tough solution to meet their needs.

This time our customer decided to reinvest in a much bigger Kiverco plant which is a testament to their trust in our delivery.

The new plant is a tailored solution that will process two parallel Waste streams – C&D (Construction and Demolition) and C&I (Commercial and Industrial) Waste.

Why they chose Kiverco?

Our customers have three objectives from the project, to divert waste from landfill, energy from waste, and generate low-carbon electricity.

They chose Kiverco to provide their new recycling plant because Kiverco is recognised for higher sustained purity levels which is very important when sorting waste to be processed into energy.

Having had Kiverco for nearly 15 years they were impressed by the strength and durability of the equipment.

A trusting relationship formed over the years as Kiverco became an essential support system.

The customer visited several sites across England to see some of the latest technology before once again choosing to work with Kiverco.

Project Detail

The throughput for this solution is up to 45 tonnes per hour. One of the biggest challenges with this project, as with all projects really, is consistency.

As you’ll often hear us say at Kiverco – we’re Proudly Predictable. So not only must Kiverco hit high throughput levels in the early years.

It has to stay that way. When properly maintained, this is not a problem for The World’s Toughest.

We’ll keep you posted as this project moves through the business, right through to installation, around October 2023.


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