Kiverco. A Coming of Age.

Kiverco Letter - a coming of age

A Message from Kiverco Directors, Anne McKiver and Aidan McKiver. December 2022.

Ours is an uncertain world right now.

For most, costs rise as income falls. Energy is bargained with to gain the upper hand when, really, energy should be distributed by increasingly kind and helpful hands. Food is harder to move, when we should be working to distribute it ever more smoothly. And whilst some of us have been sustainability-focused for decades, others join the sustainability conversation because, they think, it’s ‘good for business’.

But, of course, that’s not the full story of how things are. As we approach 2023, the more hopeful and optimistic amongst us are banking on common sense leading to the strengthening of global economies, and a calmer, kinder and more collaborative world. And you know what, in and around the world of Kiverco, from our hometown of Dungannon, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, good things are happening.


Positivity is evident in the world of Kiverco right now. The sorting and recycling of waste is no longer considered the righteous choice for businesses and governments. Done properly, it is the only choice. But as I allude to here, as with all things of importance and magnitude, there is a right way for things to be done.

For the last 30 years, we and the Kiverco team have not been working hard to create the most Recycling Plant we can. We have been working hard to create the best and the Toughest Recycling Plant we can. And that’s why, when it comes to sorting for recycling anywhere in the world, we are entirely confident in stating that the Kiverco way is the best way.

Kiverco – A Coming of Age.

Historically, Kiverco has not been the best at singing its own praises. Instead, we’ve been quietly going about our business. Yes, we’ve moved from local, to national, to global. We’ve grown our superbly talented team and we’ve achieved steady year-on-year growth too. ‘World Class In Northern Ireland’ is something we have always aspired to and – we think – achieved. But until now, we’ve rarely stated such ambition out loud.

So, as we approach 2023, we have paused for a moment to think about and summarise – for those inside and outside our business – part of Kiverco’s vision for the next 30 years. Here are seven of the things we are most proud of, and that continue to guide us.

  1. Our People. In early 2023, Kiverco will accelerate well past the 100-employee milestone. Our newly appointed Head of HR continues to support and engage the existing team, as well as attract additional world class engineers, designers, installers, managers and more.
  2. Purpose. Kiverco now states its purpose more clearly, consistently, and concisely than ever. It is Kiverco’s purpose to create The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant. Plant that delivers More Uptime, Higher Sustained Purity and a Longer Useful Life than anyone else. This is what bonds our team. Because this is what the company we all work for was born to do.
  3. Proving our Promises. Kiverco makes confident promises. And from 2023 we will fund a new Marketing Analyst role, the sole focus of which will be to measure how our performance impacts More Uptime, Higher Sustained Purity and Longer Useful Life. Everything will be measured against what we know of other options in the marketplace and global Industry Norms. We aim to outperform them all, in every area.
  4. Infrastructure. Kiverco’s manufacturing footprint at the end of 2023 will be more than double what it was at the beginning.
  5. The Size of Projects We Deliver. In late 2022, Kiverco secured a piece of work double the size of any previous project over 30 years. Scale is no barrier for Kiverco.
  6. Global Impact. We want to deliver the same benefits we have delivered to around 400 customers in and around The United Kingdom, around the world. Most specifically we are focussing on The Middle East & North Africa, Australasia and Europe. Kiverco is uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in these regions in the way that only ‘The World’s Toughest’ can.
  7. Predictable Profitability. Profitability for our customers is important. However, because a Recycling Plant owner can only make money if the Recycling Plant they invest in is up, working and performing at the highest level, Kiverco is pushing further than just Profitability. Outperforming the rest by delivering More Uptime, Higher Sustained Purity and Longer useful Life – delivers Predictable Profitability.

30 Years.

Kiverco will have been around for 30 years in 2023. And our ongoing commitment to creating The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant means we continue to give peace of mind to the ambitious and the future-facing. We help our customers feel protected and confident, doing our very best to offset – in our own little way – the world’s wider uncertainties.

We wish you all the very best for 2023 and beyond. And thank you to all of whom have trusted us to help them so far.

Anne McKiver and Aidan McKiver. Directors.

If you want to read a PDF version of this letter click here to view it on LinkedIn.

Thank you.

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