Judgement Day.

Kiverco has been shortlisted in The Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland.

This is, so we are told, ‘…Northern Ireland’s most prestigious and respected awards championing responsible business…’.


Kiverco is shortlisted in the Responsible Product/Service Award Category.

And today, Tuesday 20th 2023, was Judgement Day. Today, we met the judges.

Judgement Day

Anne and Mike from Kiverco drove to The Innovation Factory in Belfast, for a midday grilling.

Category criteria, etched on our brains, was as follows:

“This award is for the organisation that best demonstrates its use of innovative technology to make a positive impact on people, planet and/or the communities where it works.”

Meet the Judges

John Thompson, Safety and Corporate Responsibility Manager at Translink sat to our right.

Dr Andy Harris, Advanced Engineering Manager at Wrightbus sat right in front of us.

Patricia Lavery, General Manager, Huhtamaki sat to our left.

Andy won last year. Patricia won the year before that. And John won the year before that.

The pedigree was good!

The Shortlist

In the 2023 final, Kiverco is up against NIE Networks (delivering a sustainable energy system for all), TITANIC Denim (luxury sustainable denim designs), Responsible Plastic Management Programme (identifying and reducing problem plastics) and Vyta (Secure IT Asset Disposal).

But Will We Win?

Who knows? All we can do is to be ourselves.

Anne and Mike decided to highlight and focus down on just three main themes.

The three main reasons why we think Kiverco should win the Responsible Product/Service Award Category for 2023.

And if you pop over to our ‘Being Kiverco‘ story, you can read for yourself what those three reasons are.

Photo Credit: Business In the Community award category sponsors.

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