If You’re NOT the Toughest… What’s the Point?

Toughest Recycling Plant Kiverco

It’s just an idea. An interesting notion that came into the room at a management meeting recently. And it is this.

If you’re not the toughest recycling plant of all – why are you even bothering?

It’s a slightly cheeky idea of course, But hear us out.

Tough or Nothing.

Here’s the thinking.

At Kiverco, we care about the toughness of our plant (we’re the World’s Toughest) but that’s not the end of the matter. It’s the beginning.

Starting with the end in mind, we care first about the environment. That’s one of the main reasons we’re in recycling. But what on earth is the point of believing in recycling if the recycling process itself is not low impact? It just doen’t make sense.

More Uptime means less costly repair recycles. So with Kiverco it’s far fewer repair vehicles buzzing about unnecessarily, and far fewer sub-standard or mis-prescribed components ending up in the bin.

Higher Sustained Purity is simply about Kiverco’s performance. With Kiverco you recycle more waste, more purely, for longer.

Longer Useful Life means fewer Kiverco plant gets decommissioned simply because tougher plant lasts longer. And if plant lasts longer, that means the heavy investment in time and money at the beginning – by you and us – delivers environmentally positive effect way, way beyond our contemporaries.

And all of that brings us right back to our first point. If you’re not the toughest recycling plant – why are you even bothering?

Think about it.

What’s the point of any recycling plant maker or recycling plant buyer arbitrarily ‘supporting’ the positive environmental impact of recycling, when the plant itself has high downtime, fast-declining purity levels and a shortened useful life. The net result of the effort may well be zero – or worse, negative.

Kiverco is the do-it-once, do-it-right option. And we really do believe in what we say… If you want the toughest recycling plant, and the positive impact that our unrivalled ‘Toughness’ has on all of our futures – Kiverco really is the only solution to your problem.

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