How We Think About How We Design.

If you think Kiverco’s Aidan McKiver isn’t a book-writing kind of guy. You’re mistaken.

You see, Aidan McKiver may very well be the main man at Kiverco, but Aidan’s not your stereotypical frontman.

This Aidan McKiver is rarely photographed. Rarely vocal about his business. Rarely in the limelight.

Kiverco’s Aidan McKiver is far too busy with his head down, leading the team that builds The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant. Kiverco’s Aidan McKiver would never write a book.

Except on this occasion. Kiverco’s Aidan McKiver has!!

Let’s find out why Aidan has written his book ‘How to design and build anything to last forever.’

“The first reason – I was asked to think about this is because Kiverco is growing fast. New people and new teams need to grasp how we think about what we do – accurately, quickly and clearly. How we set standards and how uncompromising we are. So the things I said, and now the things upon which the book is created, describe not necessarily how we design and make. Instead, my words describe how we think about how we design and make. The book is about what’s going on in my, and our minds when we are creating.

“It’s important we are driven by the same things. Because a like-minded team is a strong team.”

Aidan’s book will be released in the second half of 2023 and 100% of the book’s cover price will go to charity.

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