Gold for the Price of Silver.

Gold for the price of Silver

With the passing of time, Kiverco plant may be considered for relocation, transfer or recommissioning as part of a bigger, smaller and/or altogether quite different application. With a little thought, this is rarely a problem. Kiverco plant is tough. It lasts.

And from time to time, we ourselves have pre-used plant for sale. We’ll list it here in our NEWS section, and flag it – before anywhere else – in our ‘Talking Tough’ newsletter. So please sign up at the bottom of this webpage.

Gold For The Price of Silver.

With heavy usage, Kiverco plant can look a little different. That’s the way it goes with plant that is sorting some of the world’s most challenging materials in the world’s most demanding terrain.

But whilst heavy usage may scar our plant – performance endures. Our brand promise of more uptime, higher sustained purity and longer useful life is always tested, but rarely beaten.

Is Kiverco pre-used plant Gold for the Price of Silver? We think so. Because whilst Kiverco’s golden yellow may dim a little over time – performance won’t.

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