Gold For The Price of Silver – 001/May 2023.

Kiverco Recycling Plant for sale

Whilst so much of Kiverco’s ‘World’s Toughest’ Recycling Plant is designed and built to be scalable and movable, when customer requirements ‘step-change’ then, sometimes, a complete upgrade is best.

And what a shame it would be if these Kiverco ‘Old Masters’ were left without a job to do.

So, from time to time, here in Kiverco’s ‘Gold for the Price of Silver’ website section, we will list perfectly performing older Kiverco plant, with a view to helping rehome them.

1. What’s for sale from this Kiverco customer?

Static recycling plant. Includes trommel and picking station.

2. Application. What waste streams does/can it process?
C&D Waste.

3. What’s the throughput (tonnes per hour)?
Up to 30tph.

4. What year was it installed?

5. Cumulative hours on plant.
20,000 (Twenty thousand).

6. Condition. How’s it doing?
Working well. Well maintained throughout the life of its use.

7. Where is it?
London, England.

9. From what date is it available for dismantling?
Ready for sale right now.

10. How will I get it to me?
Can be priced to uninstall and deliver. Or customer can remove themselves.

11. Who should I contact if I am interested in owning this plant?
JP Devlin, Area Sales Manager, Kiverco ( We’ll send you photographs once you get in touch. Thank you.

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