Gabriel Goes Global (Again).

Gabriel Goes Global

Kiverco deliver presentations to educational institutions all around the world.

In 2021, Kiverco’s Export Sales Manager Gabriel O’Keefe presented to students in South America.

This particular event, delivered via Zoom to The University of Chile, was for the Civil Engineering Faculty.

Customer Insights.

Gabriel, amongst many other things, helped students to more fully appreciate how customer insights drive brand development and brand meaning.

Kiverco is not just making things. We are so much more than what we do.

Kiverco believe in a world where Recycling Plant recovers much more, much more accurately, and for much longer.

That’s one of the reasons over 300 sites around the United Kingdom chose Kiverco all those years ago. And why so many are still up and running to this day.

Kiverco’s links with educational institutions in Northern Ireland get ever-stronger too. With presentations to Engineering undergraduates being organised and timetabled continually.

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