Exciting News from Scotland: Kiverco and M&M Mechanical Transforming Gray’s Recycling Plant.

The chilly Scottish weather hasn’t deterred the dedicated teams from Kiverco and M&M Mechanical Installations Ltd as they embark on a transformative journey at Gray’s recycling plant. Against the backdrop of picturesque Scottish snow scenes, the teams are working tirelessly to upgrade the existing facility with cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge:

Inside the shed, the teams are seamlessly integrating older sections of the plant with new technology.

Kiverco isn’t just any plant; it’s renowned as the World’s Toughest and so it has a longer useful life than many other recycling plants. The original plant is still working well but reconfiguring sections of the current plant into a new, improved setup will futureproof the plant for many years to come.

The Purpose

By incorporating the latest technology, this transformation will empower Gray’s recycling plant to process larger volumes of waste efficiently. This not only ensures the longevity of their operations but also positions them to make significant contributions to Scotland’s Net Zero objectives.

Environmental Impact:

As sustainability becomes increasingly crucial, the upgraded facility aligns with Scotland’s commitment to achieving Net Zero. By enhancing waste processing capabilities, Gray’s plant is set to play a pivotal role in the region’s environmental efforts.

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