Coming Soon – Spotlight on Paul Carolan.

Each issue of Skip and Waste Magazine, on page 9, Kiverco’s team answers questions about world class engineering and how, by thinking big, we all make big things happen.

Ask Kiverco is insightful. Lessons learned. Challenges overcome. Storytelling the ups-and-downs of a business going ‘From Garage to Global’ over 30 years.

Paul Carolan

In the July 2023 edition, Kivero’s Paul Carolan. is in the spotlight. Paul has been Kiverco’s General Manager for 5 years. In July’s edition, Paul answers questions on how only sincere Communication bonds the people in and around Kiverco.

Here are the questions that Paul will be taking a look at.

Questions, Questions.

Question 1: What part does ‘Communication’ play in your world Paul, as one of Kiverco’s Senior Team?

Question 2: You mention sincerity as being an important part of how we communicate in business. What do you mean?

Question 3: When has Communication gone wrong? Do you have an example of how communication – in your world – could be better?

Live Soon.

We’re looking forward to having a read.

Especially question three!

Read here.

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