What Gabriel Said.

Gabriel O’Keefe is Kiverco’s Export Sales Manager.

Gabriel has spent decades helping businesses and brands to explore and succeed in countries around the world. And for the last 5 years, Gabriel has been committed to Kiverco.

Gabriel – Export Champion 2023.

In 2023, Gabriel was appointed ‘Export Champion’ by the UK Department for Business and Trade.

And this month, Gabriel was asked by the Department of Business and Trade based at the UK Embassy in Dubai to participate in their Clean Growth Campaign.

The Clean Growth Programme was set up to encourage more UK exporters to tap into the green sector abroad expected to be worth £1.8 trillion by 2030- Boosting green exports to help accelerate green growth.

The clean growth campaign will run from Mid-August 2023 to March 2024 and will highlight the UK’s capabilities in clean growth, promote the UK as a global climate leader and promote clean solutions to buyers and investors in the region.

In Summary…

For the Clean Growth Campaign, Gabriel also had to say a little bit about himself and Kiverco, in around 100 words.

And here that is, too:

“Since 2012, Kiverco has been building significant partnerships, as well as exporting world-class, flagship recycling plant to the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When Governments and businesses alike do anything for the first time, they want surety. A safe pair of hands. Predictable performance. Consequently, Kiverco has delivered a global flagship recycling solution to one of the most significant gigaprojects in this region.

Another significant Kiverco milestone for Kiverco’s dedication to The UAE and KSA happened in early 2023. Gabriel O’Keefe, Kiverco’s Export Sales Manager responsible for the region was appointed ‘Export Champion’ by the Department for Business and Trade. This important accolade is awarded to those celebrated as global standard setters and as an inspiration to others.”

Going Global really is a big part of Kiverco’s future. Do feel free to keep an eye on this part of our business, here.

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