Built To Last.

We know our products are Tough because we over-specify to ensure longevity. That’s because in the words of Patrick Gordon, Assembly Team Lead:

 “Our customers do not invest in a plant that will do; they invest in a plant that will last the test of time. If it’s not superior then it’s inferior and that’s not what we are about in Kiverco. There’s a reason why we are world famous for making the World’s Toughest Recycling plant. We pride ourselves on producing quality machinery, by adding more strength into our machinery at the design stage. By doing so we are also improving the sustainability and profitability of our machines for our customers. At Kiverco we not only provide customers with a solution to solve their immediate problems but we also look to the future to do all in our power to eliminate problems that may occur over time.”

Pictured welded bolts that are currently being used in a multi million pound job for our biggest ever customer in the UK.

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