Biffa Choose Sustainability. (So Biffa Chose Kiverco).

Kiverco is delighted to be working closely with Biffa, one of the UK’s leading waste management companies. They aim ‘to change the way people think about waste’ and sustainability has been at the heart of their business strategy for many years.

Kiverco has recently delivered two projects for Biffa including:

Biffa Aldridge

A new de-wirer and bale breaker was incorporated into the existing system to remove the metal bale wires and automatically send to an metal storage bay. The de-wired bales then are broken up in the bale breaker for further sorting. Kiverco also installed, commissioned and trained staff on the use of two wire transfer conveyors to reduce the need for manual labour to remove the bales wires during the dewiring process.

Biffa Wigan

The plant at Biffa Wigan processes plastic bottles and tin cans. Upgrades to the current plant were undertaken to remove metal contamination within plastic to increase purity whilst also recovering more valuable metals.

New elements added to the existing plant include an eddy current separator c/w vibrating feeder, collection conveyor, inline conveyor, and inline magnet all of which were fully integrated into the existing plant which can now process 12 tonnes per hour.

The new equipment installed reduced the Aluminium contaminants in the PET fraction from 4% from 1.8%. This is a significant reduction for the further plastic processing.

Why did Biffa choose to work with Kiverco?

Biffa chose to work with Kiverco because reliability is very important to them and Kiverco machinery is renowned for having “More uptime” which is of the utmost importance to the company.

Craig Konczak, Biffa’s Head of MRFs, said: “As a sustainable leader in the UK’s waste and recycling industry, it’s vital we regularly invest in our facilities to ensure they’re working as smartly and as efficiently as possible.”

The Kiverco engineering team used their expert skills for seamless integration ensuring that downtime was kept to a minimum as upgrades took place.

Andre Matula, Key Account Manager at Kiverco commented. “Kiverco has a great and diverse skill set from our engineers who conceptualise the job to the installation team installing the machinery. Adding value to our customer’s plant is crucial to our work no matter if the job is a new design and build job or a reconfiguration of an existing plant. We thank Biffa for their recent business and look forward to continuing to work with them as they “support the UK Circular Economy.

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