Being Kiverco.

Kiverco has been shortlisted in The Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland.

When Anne and Mike from Kiverco were invited to be quizzed by the judges at The Innovation Factory in Belfast on Tuesday 20th June, here’s what Anne and Mike said.

Being Kiverco.

Anne and Mike suggested that ‘Being Kiverco’, in the context of a sincerity and positive impact with regards to Sustainability, is best outlined by the following three things.

Kiverco was Born Sustainable. 30 Years Ago. 

Not many businesses in 1993 can say they were genuinely born sustainable. Kiverco however, is “Sustainable by Nature”.

Sustainability is ‘built-IN, not built-ON’.

Because The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant is also The World’s Most Sustainable.

With Regards to Sustainability, Kiverco is More Than a Headline.

It is incorrect, and indeed dangerous, to assume that businesses operating in any sustainability-focused category (such as Recycling Plant) are in-of-themselves, sustainable.

Many sustainable-sounding businesses are very often not sustainable at all.

It is entirely possible, and indeed probable, that poor quality recycling plant with unacceptably low uptime, poor and inconsistent purity levels or a too-short lifespan can have a net-negative impact on sustainability.

Kiverco is Changing OUR World. And THE World.

At Kiverco, we come to work thinking not only that we can change OUR world (the world of recycling). We think we can change THE world, too. Because if all plant was Kiverco plant, THE world would recycle much more, much more purely, and for much longer.

So there we go.

Submission complete.

The three things that Anne and Mike think best outline what ‘Being Kiverco’ really means, in the context of a sincerity and positive impact on Sustainability.

The results are announced in the middle of September 2023.

Photo Credit: Business In The Community award Key Sponsor.(Anne and Paul are not present in this photo)

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