Ask Kiverco – Spotlight On Paul Carolan Part 2.

Every month in Skip and Waste Magazine you will find our “ASK KIVERCO” feature on page 9.

Here a member of the Kiverco team will provide an insight into world-class engineering and business practices.

The feature addresses Kiverco’s approach to tackling challenges and making a positive impact in the waste management and recycling industry.

In the second issue Paul Carolan, General Manager, discusses the importance of good communication in business.

Let’s find out what he had to say.

Question 2. You mention sincerity as an important part of how we communicate in business. What do you mean?

I’m talking about trust. If you’re not sincere, trust won’t happen. And the relationship breaks down.

The customer relationship, for example. It’s not unusual for Kiverco to conceive and hone a recycling plant solution, with a customer, for a couple of years. That’s a long time. We invest time and energy in the early part of any customer relationship. If we weren’t sincere, genuine and consistent, trust wouldn’t grow. Kiverco wouldn’t get chosen. And as 500 Kiverco plants have been chosen over the years, we’re communicating sincerely and well.

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