Ask Kiverco – Spotlight On Paul Carolan Part 1.

In each issue of Skip and Waste Magazine, you can find an insightful feature called “ASK KIVERCO” on page 9.

In this section, Kiverco’s team addresses questions related to world-class engineering and how ambitious thinking can lead to significant change.

The feature provides valuable insights into Kiverco’s approach to tackling challenges and making a positive impact in the waste management and recycling industry.

In the second issue (July 2023) Paul Carolan, General Manager, discusses the importance of good communication in business.

Lets find out what he had to say.

Question 1. What part does ‘communication’ play in your world Paul, as one of Kiverco’s Senior Team?

As General Manager at Kiverco, I meet a lot of people. Colleagues. Customers. Suppliers.

If how I communicate and build the relationship isn’t done with sincerity, whatever we try to achieve together gets a lot harder.

With colleagues, I listen hard. I communicate to make sure we’re on the same page. So we get the job done quickly and well. So that, whatever it is we’re doing, we do it once – and right.

With customers, it is particularly important to communicate with sincerity. I know it’s an overused phrase, but we only promise what we can deliver. It’s fundamental. When Kiverco builds any one famously tough recycling plant, it can take months. But Kiverco’s reputation for creating The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant has taken over 30 years to build.

We won’t jeopardise that reputation by over-promising when we communicate with customers.

With suppliers, communicating that we are – genuinely – looking for the win-win is important. So that we build long-term relationships, they’re the best kind.

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