Ask Kiverco – Spotlight On Anne McKiver Part 2.

In every issue of Skip and Waste Magazine, on page 9, Kiverco’s team answers questions about world-class engineering and how, by thinking big, we all make big things happen.

The feature is called ASK KIVERCO.

In issue one (June 2023), Anne McKiver, Kiverco Director, answered two people-focused questions.

Here’s the second question, and Anne’s answer, in full..

Question 2. Again, regarding looking after your business’s people. Do you have any tips on how to make individual team members feel important and valued?

Here’s something I do whenever I can. When I ask any team member how they are, by their name of course, I ask them twice. Not always, but when it feels appropriate to do so.

Try it!

When you ask someone how they are, or how there feeling – once – they all tend to say the same thing.

‘Yeah, I’m fine’.

But if you ask the question again. Straight away. “Are you sure? Is there anything you want to talk about? Anything I can help with?” the person you’re asking can really open up.

You find out more. So you can help more. It brings you closer. It shows you really want to know, instead of just making a throwaway remark.

Try it sometime. It works for me.

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