A Rare (and Brilliant) Thing.

Most Kiverco creations are bespoke. We’ve created unique, exact-fit Recycling Plant Solutions for customers all over the world for 30 years.

However, from time to time we manufacture mobile picking stations, from The Kiverco Range, for immediate delivery. These units are standard. So they can be built ahead of an order.

How Do We Know Our Mobile Picking Station Range Will ‘Fit’?

The Kiverco Range consists of four, carefully devised plant solutions. Each of the four is essentially one or more of our plant components enhanced and modified to quickly and easily resolve some of the global recycling plant industry’s most common and most significant problems and workflow requirements.

The PS122 Picking Station – Available Now.

Right now at Kiverco, there’s a rare and brilliant opportunity. We have one PS122 Picking Station that’s ready to go. Historically, a PS122 Picking Station, which is used to manually separate waste, has been great to own-and-use, or to hire out. Because of how easy to use and how robust it is.

You can chat to Con Gallagher, Kiverco’s Global Sales Manager on 07809 907306 if you’d like to explore how you or anyone you know might benefit from this rare ‘immediate delivery’ opportunity.

Image: An early look at Kiverco’s new Kiverco Systems & Range Brochure 2023.

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