A life of learning

Today, students across the country receive their GCSE results, and though it may be their first official exam results, it’s only the first step in their lifelong learning experience.

No matter the route, trade, apprentice, or university, today is only the first of many steps toward your ultimate dream.

Personal development is a journey.

This week, many of our Kiverco team took time out of their day job to return to the classroom to undertake Prince2 training, and this morning they are about to take their exam.

Prince2 training will further equip our staff to understand and apply methodology effectively to manage projects of different sizes and complexities, helping to enforce lean efficiencies.

We would like to wish all of the Kiverco team taking their exam this morning the very best of luck, and to GCSE students everywhere remember: it’s with determination and self-belief that you will achieve your dreams.

The world is your oyster, so grab every opportunity with both hands.

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