Kiverco’s Air Density Separator (Ds 150)

What is the Ds 150?

An enhanced Density Separator, made ready for automated air separation sorting, modified to include jack legs and its own generator, so it can quickly and easily be added to an existing plant scheme.

Why choose a Ds 150?

The Kiverco Ds 150 combines fast and simple on-site setup capability with Kiverco’s proven design and build quality, to give operators all the toughness and reliability that you expect from a Kiverco machine with the additional flexibility to move the machine easily as projects require.

How does the Ds 150 function?

This machine has been designed to efficiently separate material into usable fractions, using the latest in air separation technology. The self-contained Ds 150 greatly reduces the amount of material that needs to be sent to landfill, delivering considerable savings in areas where landfill taxes and transport costs are high.

Does the Ds 150 combine with other machinery?

This machine can be used on its own or combined with other machines in the Kiverco Range to make a full recycling system.

We currently have two Ds 150 Density Separators being manufactured in our workshop at present. Both are being shipped to international customers.

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