Investment For Kirkby Skips. 

Kirkby Skips makes the PS122 Picking Station a permanent fixture at their site in Merseyside after renting a machine from CRJ Services Ltd for a short period.

Established in 1989, Kirkby Skips Ltd is a Premier Waste Management Service in Merseyside. As a family-owned business, they have a huge focus on great customer service and this reputation has helped the business flourish.

The company needed a solution to process Construction and Demolition waste that would enable them to screen hardcore, pick off timber, and separate lights material and metals.

Kirkby Skips had heard positive feedback about the Kiverco PS122, a robust 2-bay Picking Station, which would enable up to 8 people to sort waste safely and efficiently. The machine is designed to include jack legs and its own generator, so it can quickly and easily be added to an existing plant scheme.

Before committing to purchasing a machine, Kirkby Skips Ltd wanted to ensure that the machine would be a good fit for their current plant. They initially rented a Kiverco PS122 from CRJ Services Ltd, who stock and rent some machinery from the Kiverco range for short projects.

Leyton Groves, Son of the Managing Director Peter Groves at Kirkby Skips stated: “The Kiverco PS122 Picking station is a compact solution with a big impact. It is very convenient as it can be set up very quickly, is easily moved around, and is very efficient to run. The best thing about it was that we were able to incorporate it into our current plant solution without any hassle as it has its own generator. We were so pleased with this machine that we decided to make it a permanent fixture at our site in Knowsley Industrial Park in Liverpool. This machine is great value for money. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the waste and recycling industry.”

Barry Gould, Sales Manager at Kiverco stated: “We are delighted that our PS122 Picking Station has offered Kirkby Skips the perfect solution for their needs. The Kiverco range of products offers great flexibility and can function separately or combine to form an entire recycling plant solution. The range is great for sites that need a smaller footprint solution or for companies that need to be able to move their plant from site to site. We would like to thank Peter and Leyton for choosing Kiverco and we wish you every success as the company continues to grow.”

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