EU Deals With Wasteful Packaging and focuses on Recycling.

Towards the end of 2022, the EU Commission was forced to take action on legislation surrounding packaging.

Without intervention, the EU nations were on a path to see an increase of 19% in packaging by 2023 and an additional 46% increase in plastic packaging waste.

The new initiative will force companies to be a little savvier with the amount of packaging used, to help protect virgin materials by reducing both plastic and paper used in packaging. The new rules will also ensure correct labeling to support correct recycling.

The revision of legislation has three main objectives

  • Reduce packaging waste by 15% and foster reuse or refill of packaging.
  • Make all packaging on the EU market recyclable by 2030
  • Reduce the need for natural resources, and increase the use of recycled plastics through mandatory targets.

The proposed changes will go some way to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from plastics, and it’s hoped that by 2030 emissions from packaging could be down to 43 million tonnes from the estimated 66 million tonnes.

One thing’s for sure the future is recycling!

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*Statistics are taken from the official European Union website

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