Capturing Conversations.

Capturing conversations

Very occasionally. When we are at our most relaxed. When we at Kiverco are taking time out to think, and to plan, and to innovate. Some really great one liners, ideas and sparks of inspiration can emerge.

We write them down. Ponder them. And if they still make sense the following day we may very well pick things up and run with them.


Later in 2022 we may very well capture such conversations first hand, focussing on some of the subjects that have helped Kiverco to come as far as we have on the global stage, and turning them into podcasts.

We’ll explore and talk about how we build teams. How we stay focussed – as one – on building the World’s Toughest Recycling Plant. How we are trying so hard to improve our sustainability credentials every single day. And maybe what World Class Designers and Engineers have for lunch.

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