Tough Love 2023

Each year, such is our love and respect for ‘tough brands’, the entire Kiverco team vote for their favourites. We call this Kiverco’s ‘Tough Love’ project. Brands that do best are the do-it-once, do-it-right brands. Brands that cut neither cost nor corners. The authentic brands. And the brands that appear most and highest in the Kiverco Tough Love project commit to making products that perform better and last longer not as a marketing ploy – but because it’s in their blood. They don’t know any other way.

Swiss Army

20th Swiss Army. Knives. (2022 - 24th)

The Swiss Army knife is often considered an iconic and practical tool, suitable for a wide range of everyday tasks and outdoor activities. Over 130 years old, these super-tough customer-focused classics are passed down from generation to generation. And they're so loved that on the rare occasion, they do go wrong, it just doesn't feel right to throw them away! That's why so many Swiss Army Knife owners and lovers invest in getting them repaired and even refurbished. That's genuine Tough Love! Go there.


12th= Hammerite. Paint. (New Entry)

Hammerite is a globally trusted brand, priding itself on providing the easiest-to-use, longest lasting protection for metal products. Hammerite has been leading its field for toughness and durability for over 30 years, with a focus on customer needs and innovation helping to maintain its marketing-leading edge worldwide. Go there.


12th= Milwaukee. Power Tools. (2022 - 1st)

Last year’s Kiverco winning ‘tough’ brand, there is no doubt about Milwaukee tools stand for. Milwaukee stands out by remaining passionate about its end users. By putting customers first, it provides them with the drive and determination to be the best in their field. Go there.


12th= Ford. Automotive. (New Entry)

Ford is new to our list of top 24 ‘tough’ brands, but it is not an unexpected addition. When we think of Ford, we think of innovation… Ford have always ahead of the field, from making driving practical and accessible to all, to introducing mass production assembly lines to car manufacturing. Today Ford is still a leader in the car industry, driving innovation and sustainability, making it one of the most robust car brands in the world. Go there.


12th= Tonka. Toys. (2022 - 16th)

Now this is a tough brand! For over 70 years, Tonka has been the world’s toughest toy truck and today with their range of diecast toy vehicles, Tonka are still providing imaginative fun for children all over the world This brand knows what it's about. As do all great brands. 'Tonka Tough' - is real! Go there.


12th= Samsonite. Luggage. (New Entry)

Samsonite’s commitment to innovation and design has helped created a brand instantly recognisable as the world’s toughest luggage manufacturer. The Samsonite brand gives customers the peace of mind that their luggage will arrive intact each and every time – and for travellers across the world, that assurance is priceless! Go there.

Dr Martens

12th= Dr Martens. Footware. (2022 - 17th)

Created by Klaus Märtens in the 1940’s, the Dr Martens brand is now a household name, synonymous with toughness – most people have owned a pair of Doc Martens at some stage in their lives, and rarely do you hear of anyone who has worn them until they are no longer wearable! The distinctive black and yellow stitching and tab is instantly recognisable as a key feature of the world’s toughest footwear! Go there.

The North Face

12th= North Face. Clothing. (2022 - 12th)

The North Face is known for its commitment to quality, durability, and innovation. The brand has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and adventurers for its reliable and functional products that are designed to withstand the demands of various outdoor activities and extreme conditions. Go there.


12th= Vanish. Cleaning. (New Entry)

Vanish’s powerful formulation, stain penetration, enzyme action, oxygen bleach technology, colour-safe formulas, versatility, proven results, ease of use, and brand trust all contribute to its perception as a tough and effective stain removal brand. Go there.


11th Levi. Clothing. (2022 - 9th)

Levi’s reputation for quality materials, reinforced stitching, classic and rugged designs, functional versatility, cultural significance, and customer loyalty all combine to establish Levi’s as a tough enduring brand in the denim and apparel industry. Go there.


10th Liebherr. Heavy Machinery. (New Entry)

Liebherr’s commitment to excellence in heavy machinery, their use of premium materials, stringent testing approaches, innovative approach, global reach, specialised solutions, customer-focused approach, reliable longevity, and sustainable practices all combine to establish Liebherr as a tough and highly regarded brand in the heavy equipment industry. Go there.


9th LEGO. Toys.(2022 - 6th)

Lego’s durability, adaptability, ageless appeal, educational value, positive reputation, community engagement, global recognition, iconic designs, and resilience during challenges have collectively contributed to its perception as a tough and enduring brand in the toy industry. One Kiverco employee stated ‘The design and structure of Lego blocks mean they can withstand years of abuse without it degradation - you would struggle to break a Lego block.’ Go there.


8th Gorilla. Adhesives & Sealants. (2022 - 10th)

Gorilla Glue’s toughness and strength can be attributed to its polyurethane–based formula, expanding nature, versatility, water resistance, long-lasting results, and user-friendly application. These qualities have made Gorilla Glue a popular choice for various bonding and repair applications. Kiverco employees reflected that they associate the ‘Gorilla Glue’ mascot with toughness, which makes it one of the most recognisable and easily identifiable tough brands. Go there.


7th O'Neills. Sportswear. (2022 - 7th)

O’Neill’s Sportswear’s combination of high-quality materials, sport-specific design, rigorous testing, reputation and experience, versatility, and continuous improvement has established O’Neill’s as a tough and reliable brand in the sportswear industry, especially for athletes engaged in vigorous sports and physical activities. In their spare time many of our staff play for local sports teams and have stated that their preferred brand of clothing for toughness is O’Neill’s. Go there.

John Deere

6th John Deere. Agricultural Machinery. (2022 - 11th)

John Deere’s commitment to durable construction, quality manufacturing, innovative features, adaptability, global presence, and customer satisfaction has established John Deere as a tough and respected brand in the agricultural and construction equipment industry. Many of the Kiverco team are from an agricultural background and use John Deere machinery on their family farms. They understand the importance of tough brands and have seen first-hand that ‘nothing runs like a Deere.’ Go there.


5th JCB. Construction Equipment. (2022 - 5th)

JCB’S reputation as a tough brand in the construction and agricultural equipment industry is attributed to its robust engineering, use of quality materials, innovative features, and widespread global presence. These factors have contributed to establishing JCB as a reputable and trusted manufacturer known for producing durable and reliable machinery. Go there.


4th Audi. Vehicles. (2022 - 4th)

Audi’s commitment to engineering excellence, advanced technology, rigorous testing, and the use of quality materials contributes to the perception of their vehicles as tough and reliable choices in the automotive market. The team at Kiverco clearly respects the Audi brand given the number of Audi cars in the staff car park! Go there.

Snickers Workwear

3rd Snickers. Workwear. (2022 - 8th)

Snicker’s Workwear’s toughness can be attributed to its use of high-quality materials, thoughtful design features, adherence to vigorous testing standards, experience in the industry, and its commitment to meeting the demands of hardworking professionals across various fields. Go there.


2nd Caterpillar. Construction & Mining. (2022 - 3rd)

Caterpillar’s expertise, durable equipment, global presence, diverse product range, commitment to customer support, and brand heritage all contribute to its reputation as a tough and dependable brand in the heavy machinery industry. Go there.


1st Toyota. Vehicles. (2022 - 2nd)

Toyota has moved from last year’s second place to this year’s winner. The combination of engineering, build quality, off-road capability, and Toyota’s focus on reliability has contributed to the Toyota Hilux’s reputation as a tough and rugged vehicle. Kiverco’s Managing Director, John Irwin stated “The Hilux is almost indestructible, delivering outstanding long term service and reliability. Toyota is a brand that can be trusted.’ Other members of Kiverco staff cited durability and robustness as their reasons for voting for Toyota Hilux – definitely a worthy winner. Go there.