The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant is also The World’s Most Sustainable.

Kiverco Sustainability

Here at Kiverco, we don’t want to join today’s conversation on sustainability.

Because here at Kiverco, we’ve been having our own conversation about sustainability.

For about 30 years.

Born Sustainable.

There are just three approaches that any business, anywhere in the world, can take when it comes to sustainability.

They pretend to be sustainable for short-term marketing reasons.
They make authentic, best efforts to become sustainable, right across the business.
They were born sustainable.

Kiverco is the last of these three.

The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant is also the World’s Most Sustainable.

Everybody at Kiverco knows what Kiverco was born to do. To create the world’s toughest recycling plant. That’s it.

Why? Because this means more uptime, a higher sustained purity, and a longer useful life – for you.

But it also means fewer repairs and warranty claims. So fewer environmentally damaging repair cycles, consumables and vehicle journeys. Because the most sustainable recycling plant – is a functioning recycling plant.

Sustainability is built-in at Kiverco. It has been since 1993.

Kiverco Sustainability
Kiverco Sustainability

Our Sustainability Journey.

When it comes to Kiverco Recycling Plant – how tough we make it, and how it actually performs – we’re way ahead of the rest. However, we do look to improve our attitude, approach and practice – daily.

Kiverco has two dedicated Sustainability Officers to keep us on our toes. But it’s a journey. We know we can do better.

The vehicles we buy. The suppliers we engage with. The partners with whom we build relationships. And even our own recycling habits and approach to how we use consumables.

It’s great to be in touch with the subject of constant improvement with relation to sustainability, though. It’s important. Our Sustainability Officers will update how we’re doing in the sustainability category of the News section at this website.